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The Amazon Kindle e-reader has become sort of a revolution in reading terms. We all saw the slow death of print and paper, we all saw how using a hand-held device with hundreds of books on them was going to be the future pretty soon. We could also see a plethora of e-readers flooding the market with different formats and consumers being confused again and again as different manufacturers use different formats for their books.

That wasn’t the case, since the Amazon Kindle was launched it has trounced the opposition, sure there have been others like Sony that have tried to corner the market. But the Kindle is the big boy on the block. But it also has a few issues, some of them technical, some of the just plain annoying.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the kindle Mobi format, the Kindle won't read PDF or the popular Epub format which makes it a pain to read your favourite books, especially if you have purchased them in other formats. Or even more importantly if you work online and receive documents in PDF format, there is no way of reading on the go.

So what options do you have when owning a Kindle but also owing PDF or Epub files you want to read when on the move?

Thankfully the PDF ePUB to Kindle Converter can transform your Kindle experience, effortlessly letting PDF and Epub documents to be read on the handset.

Just download the files in the format they are available and convert them into kindle Mobi format with state-of-the-art PDF ePUB to Kindle Converter.

The web is packed with free e-books which were pretty much useless to Kindle owners. However, not any more, with the advent of this excellent kindle tool, the users can enjoy reading these books on their own kindle devices.

Let’s have a look at some of the most outstanding features of this amazing software called PDF ePUB to Kindle Converter.

1: With PDF ePUB to Kindle Converter, you can convert any of e-book formats such as PDF, ePUB, HTML, and even OPF into the most widely used kindle format Mobi.

2. The PDF ePUB to Kindle Converter is quite easy to set up and use. You just need to press the install button, and its step by step wizard will help you to install this fantastic tool within seconds.

The software is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It installs directly from the download and can start converting you files in a few clicks. A very cheap solution to a problem that has many Kindle owners confused and angry. All solved in a simple out-of-the-box solution. The PDF ePUB to Kindle Converter is the best solution.


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